Friday, June 30, 2006

Its_friday : three_dayz_out_from_exams

My last exam for semester one was three days ago.. ish.. so pleased to have moved on from that space..

so now i'm a free rollin' adventurer.. for another 15 dayz anyway...

this groovy grrl to the side is modelling the new glasses i purchased yesterday.. mm.. mine are more pink and gold.. but you get the idea.. decidedly kewl right ..

..i need to buy some new hair colour.. i'm thinking red and pink hair should make sure ppl notice my NEW GLASSES.. (say hi if you see me about.. you'll know me by my NEW PINK GLASSES o' course)..

Rasta and I are off to Sydney for a few dayz of happiness and frivolity in the big city.. and while we're there.. we will be visiting Sperm_boi... (pictured below)..

Sperm_boi is our link to procreation.. the lovely Rasta has a mind to grow us a baby.. wouldn't that be spesh..!! we've been tryin' for a while.. we're not gettin' too excited.. but one of there times it just might happen...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


So soft.. yet so determined.. she treds the earth like her ancestors have done for centuries..
She is magestic and mystical.. silent and strong.. she's sad and yet wise.. over time she has seem so much through those eyes.. Mace

Monday, June 26, 2006

What_do_you_mean.. ??

..Once_upon_a_time.. there_were_no_computers.. !!

..Life_in_our_times :)

A_quick_study_break : SO_WHAT !!

SO WHAT that they got married.. SO WHAT that the church bells rung "more than 100 times"

..its an interesting social comment that this rates as news, while social inequities and real human suffering are rendered invisible by an absense of commentary..

..excess and marriage.. the domain of the elite..


..the day b4 my Property Law exam.. don't panic.. it will all be over in a lil over 24 hours.. !! time for bloggin today.. lets find a pic that is uplifting in the circs... Mace

Sunday, June 25, 2006


That's him .. the kewl one.. :)

Well who woulda thought.. i googled my son's name and got 128 hits.. he's been out there doin things.. here's a couple.. nice one son.. :) view=title&title=OUTAAC&area=title&type=Shorts&genre=Science+Fiction

Hayden is just back from trekking all over the globe.. he has some amazing pics.. particularly those taken in China... and he travelled without a camera.. they are all pics shared by fellow travellers he met on the road and in the towns and cities..

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Happy Anniversary fairy grrl..

Do you know how wonderful you are??

There's magic in your fairy dust..
it sparkles all around you..



Happy Birthday Gwenda.. 1933 was a very good year..

Diane Cilento was also born in that year..

1933.. the year of the rooster..

Yoko Ono was born in 1933.. and that surprised me !!

..the year King Kong was made..??

Magazine covers from that year..
Princess Margaret Rose was three.. in 1933
and Princess Elizabeth was nine.

..I hope you enjoy this lil collection of things from the year of your birth.. it was a very different world then.. what a journey you're on..



.. did I hear someone say... dont ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go out and do that, because ....
...what the world needs more than anything is people who are enlivened with the possibility of what could be.. ..envisioning life as it could be..

..whoosh.. a big day of study and blog editing.. i'm probably about half way to being moved in.. its 12.04 on the way to saturday.. here's some pic.. just cos i like em..

That's good night from me.. Mace

Friday, June 23, 2006


How's this.. Moo and Doo helpin' me study.. to fetch a pot of tea.. Mace

Hey_Hey .. Its_Friday's friday.. little else is important...!!

although i'm still studying over the week end.. i'll be doing it with company cos Rasta is home from work.

..well sorta.. i think she is actually going into work tomorrow for a coupla hours.. OMG..slavery!!

our team didn't win at trivia last night.. but the other teams all cheated right... :) ..neh, we were down a coupla members.. (hi to Ness and Suz in Cairns).. and thank you for all your warm weather news!!

..i've delivered the basket to the woman who runs the local fruit and veg co op.. (only just in time, as i slept overtime after Rasta snuk out to catch an early train this morning..) ..and now its fire lighting time..

hey.. i checked online for "NEW" rental real estate in Brisy... the move is prolly months away yet but its an interest right :)'s a lush lookin abode.. a lil expensive.. but definitely dream accommodation material.. check it..

..ok.. i should go do it.. c u Mace

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another day on the books..

Good Morning..

The fabuous Rasta is off to the office to slave over her desk for another day.. and I am doin' it tough with books.. but all will seem fine again once we get to the pub for trivia tonight..

I'm still packin' up over at yahoo.. that's going to take awhile.. but something exciting happened yesterday (apart from discovering blogsville).. i make my first perchase on eBay.. the DVD of the movie Sunshine..

The seller said its not good quality but its the best there is in circulation.. hopin' its watchable..

..check back later.. Mace

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

while i'm movin in..

I want to talk about Rasta and me.. (yep.. this is a correct grammar free zone).. but don't tell Rasta.. :)

so we live in Newcastle is a lush old house.. i've research a lil history on our house the local area.. and i'm gonna try a live link to that page at yahoo..

we are beginning to prepare for a move to Brisbane.. for work and for lifestyle.. we'll keep our georgous old grrl of a house .. and rent in Brisy.. somewhere inner burbs.. like West End or Kangaroo Point..

here's a coupla pics of likely lookin old Qld grrls..

Call me stupid..

Yes.. call me stupid.. but i didn't know about this blogger place..

..i downloaded some freebie music from a blogger.. (the soundtrack from the 70's tellie movie, Sunshine).. i was so pleased.. i went to say thanks and realised that i had to join blogger to message.. so i did.. and here i am..

..i'm so lovin the amount of pics i can have on my page.. the amount of links, both on the side and in text.. yeh for blogger.. i'm movin in.. haulin everything over from yahoo.. (it may take me a lil while cos i'm currently studying for exams).. but we'll get to that later..

i just want to make this place home.. settle in and feel comfy..

hey.. more pics.. well.. why not..

this is my very first camelia flower.. i bought the plant at wollombi markets.. about 6 months back.. its a pretty thing.. don't u think..??

Winter blooms.. you would think i had been gardening.. neh.. the goddess just did this all by herself..

ok.. i'm off to sort out my blog.. i have alot of stuff over at yahoo.. talk soon.. Mace


Is this blog heaven.. maybe.. I'm sooo looking forward to having time to explore this place.