Monday, June 26, 2006

A_quick_study_break : SO_WHAT !!

SO WHAT that they got married.. SO WHAT that the church bells rung "more than 100 times"

..its an interesting social comment that this rates as news, while social inequities and real human suffering are rendered invisible by an absense of commentary..

..excess and marriage.. the domain of the elite..


world champ stephen neal said...

An elite is inevitable. Money creates class.

Mace said...

hey Stephen.. I just checked your blog.. odds are we ain't ever going to agree.. on this point or any other.. in all probability..

..but havin' the right to express opinion.. is a freedom I value..

..In oz.. marriage was made elitist by our Federal govt's rewording of the Marriage Act to specifically say that marriage is between a "man and a woman".. thereby denying same sex couples the same legal status for their relationships as other members of the wider community.. that makes marriage an elitist institution.. and it makes me mad as hell..!!

..News is all about selling media sources.. its not a true representation of world events..

..there is no truth in media.. its a pure fantasy.. the really alarming aspect... is that most ppl don't realise that media creates reality by leaving bits out.. important bits.. so we are presented with a distorted view and told that its a truth..

..Have a good one Stephen.. Mace