Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Call me stupid..

Yes.. call me stupid.. but i didn't know about this blogger place..

..i downloaded some freebie music from a blogger.. (the soundtrack from the 70's tellie movie, Sunshine).. i was so pleased.. i went to say thanks and realised that i had to join blogger to message.. so i did.. and here i am..

..i'm so lovin the amount of pics i can have on my page.. the amount of links, both on the side and in text.. yeh for blogger.. i'm movin in.. haulin everything over from yahoo.. (it may take me a lil while cos i'm currently studying for exams).. but we'll get to that later..

i just want to make this place home.. settle in and feel comfy..

hey.. more pics.. well.. why not..

this is my very first camelia flower.. i bought the plant at wollombi markets.. about 6 months back.. its a pretty thing.. don't u think..??

Winter blooms.. you would think i had been gardening.. neh.. the goddess just did this all by herself..

ok.. i'm off to sort out my blog.. i have alot of stuff over at yahoo.. talk soon.. Mace

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