Friday, June 23, 2006

Hey_Hey .. Its_Friday's friday.. little else is important...!!

although i'm still studying over the week end.. i'll be doing it with company cos Rasta is home from work.

..well sorta.. i think she is actually going into work tomorrow for a coupla hours.. OMG..slavery!!

our team didn't win at trivia last night.. but the other teams all cheated right... :) ..neh, we were down a coupla members.. (hi to Ness and Suz in Cairns).. and thank you for all your warm weather news!!

..i've delivered the basket to the woman who runs the local fruit and veg co op.. (only just in time, as i slept overtime after Rasta snuk out to catch an early train this morning..) ..and now its fire lighting time..

hey.. i checked online for "NEW" rental real estate in Brisy... the move is prolly months away yet but its an interest right :)'s a lush lookin abode.. a lil expensive.. but definitely dream accommodation material.. check it..

..ok.. i should go do it.. c u Mace

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