Friday, June 30, 2006

Its_friday : three_dayz_out_from_exams

My last exam for semester one was three days ago.. ish.. so pleased to have moved on from that space..

so now i'm a free rollin' adventurer.. for another 15 dayz anyway...

this groovy grrl to the side is modelling the new glasses i purchased yesterday.. mm.. mine are more pink and gold.. but you get the idea.. decidedly kewl right ..

..i need to buy some new hair colour.. i'm thinking red and pink hair should make sure ppl notice my NEW GLASSES.. (say hi if you see me about.. you'll know me by my NEW PINK GLASSES o' course)..

Rasta and I are off to Sydney for a few dayz of happiness and frivolity in the big city.. and while we're there.. we will be visiting Sperm_boi... (pictured below)..

Sperm_boi is our link to procreation.. the lovely Rasta has a mind to grow us a baby.. wouldn't that be spesh..!! we've been tryin' for a while.. we're not gettin' too excited.. but one of there times it just might happen...

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