Saturday, July 29, 2006


This house is listed as being in the James Street Precinct... its a shopping and eateries area of inner Brisbane... Rasta and I spent a coupla afternoons at a streetside cafe during my visits there.. noyce (thanks Stephen).. M


For some reason.. i'm ruley enjoying (thank you 'golden grrl') my studies this semester..

..even though i have another year to complete in Brisbane .. perhaps knowing that this is my last semester at Newcastle.. a sense of finality or finishing up.. ?? ..but anyways.. i'm enjoying.. really getting into the readings.. there is a definite excitement in the air..

..its the same with friends.. consciously enjoying their company cos there's that sense that its all about to change.. but there's also comfort in the knowledge that the friends we've made here are for keeps.. stephen.. and suzie and ness.. they will all be coming to visit us in Brisbane for sure.. (stephen even talks about maybe moving with us).. :)

..and of course, there is a sense of us being on the cusp of change with Rasta having finished up at her horrid job at Wyong.. it wasnt always horrid but it got to be that way.. so she nicked it off and is in search of what comes next..

On monday, i'm lodging my application with Newcastle uni for the cross institutional study for next year (big words for saying i'm finishing my degree in Brisy).. the subjects i have to still do (in Brisy) need to match the ones i would have done here.. so Newy needs to approve them... i am submitting the subjects that i think are the matching ones from the three possbile uni's in Brisbane.. University of Queensland.. Queensland Univeristy of Technology and Griffith uni.. i dont ruley mind which one they approve.. cos they are all near the city and suburbs we would choose to live.. but Rasta and I have friends at Griffith.. so that would be nice.. but UQ seem to have the best electives... (of the 8 subjects i have left to complete next year.. 3 are electives so i have some choice in choosing those) ..feminist jurisprudence... asian legal studies.. and human rights law all appeal..

oh.. and i meant to throw in a lil brag .. my yahoo group that i started a few months back (Lesbian_Parents_Australia), is now off its training wheels.. around 50 members from all about and lotsa messages coming in... i'm pleased about that...


Sunday, July 23, 2006

"Animated Scales of Justice"

I've been working on criminal law theories of what comprises activities which should attract criminal sanction. I'm sorta having an ok time.. its work.. but enjoyable enough... having the time to contemplate such matters is surely a luxury..

i've just had a bowl of the fairy's fab home made soup and bread.. and am settling back into some more legal analysis.. so thought an appropriate blog lunchtime post might feature the scales of justice... but i didnt bargain on the Justice League.. to leap tall buildings.. staunch protectors of Gotham City against all evil.. my google search was packed full of super heroes.. so i thought i'd share some with ya..

..they definitely would operate as a crime deterant... dont ya think .. MaceInSpace

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mace_The_Author : A_LiL_TaLe

Orange like marmalade...light and dark, ginger striped, piercing green egyptian eyes, she was a striking cat. She was certainly no aristacrat, I rescued her as a small kitten, from a restaurant carpark, she was one of a family of strays residing there.
I was concerned that this sweet little cat, sunning herself in the early morning sun, would fall victim to one of the many car wheels she was living among, so I took her to the local vet to see if a better located home could be found. Surprisingly, it was easy to approach the kitten, other feral kittens I had seen in the carpark from time to time, always scattered when approached, but this one stood its ground and meowed as if to complain, just because she could.
I had four dogs, so I didnt think that taking the kitten home would be a wise move. On examination, the vet informed me that the kitten had cat flu and needed treatment for this ailment before they could try to find her a home, and i agreed to phone in a couple of weeks just to keep track of her progress. Before I left, I had a departing chat with my new, small friend and I wished her good luck and a safe journey in life. She replied by purring loudly and cuddling into my neck most affectionately and I felt the beginning of a special bond what was destined to grow between this cat and I.
Two weeks passed, I called the vet to enquire. The news was that the kitten, though growing strong, still had cat flu and because of this, no home could be found. The vet agreed to continue trying to place her in a good home, but added that unless a home could be found soon, the kitten would need to be euthenased.
Well, this was no option I was happy with, and after a quick rethink, I collected the new family member and took her home. That first loud thank you pur and nuzzling at my neck, had created the bond that made it impossible to leave her stranded, I needed to come to her rescue once again.
The cat, whom I named Paris, settled in well with the four dogs already in residence, particularly with an eight month old, lively kelpie cross, they seemed to like the same games. The dogs were all comfortable with a cat about the place, I'd had one or two over the years, and although the older dogs paid her no attention, generally, harmony was maintained.
The name Paris seemed to suit her, even though she had very ordinary bloodlines, she had attitude and spirit, and a certain stately nature...she didnt seem like a fluffy or a sooty, something bigger and bolder suited her personality. Her true nature began to shine, right from the start, playing fearlessly with the young dog, scampering up and down screen doors and curtains and demanding food often, by meowing loud and long and she soon became a prominent member of the household. It was her bold yet cuddly demina that won the hearts of friends who came and neighbours whos houses she frequented.
Paris had a way of making her presence felt, if she required that you open a screen door for her entry or departure, she would take a flying leap at the door, scrambling up and then thudding down on the hard timber floor, not once but repeatedly, until her bidding was done.
One day a neighbour phoned to tell me that if I was looking for my cat, she could be found socialising at a party that she was hosting. Apparently Paris was soaking up the attention offered to her by the guests. Paris also regularly made herself at home on the end of this neighbours bed, sometimes staying away for a day or two at a time.
Another neighbour informed me, whilst chatting over the front fence, that she had enlisted the postmans help, a couple of days earlier, to escort her and her dog, passed a hazard on the road. On further enquiry, it turned out that the hazard had been Paris, teasing a small brown snake, in the middle of the road. I wasnt sure whether I should have been concerned that Paris was playing on the road, or that the object of her attention was dangerous or that she was interrupting the smooth running of the neighbourhood by bailing up residents. I smiled, and the conversation moved on.
Paris visited several households in close proximity to her home with me, claiming and being granted tenancy at each one. Paris was probably so wild and free spirited because of her early feral beginnings. Her naturally affectionate nature and kinship with people and other animals, would have been enhanced by the weeks spent at the vets, at a young age, being hand fed and having human companionship, and her bold and outgoing nature was able to develop by sharing a house with four dogs who accepted and played with her.
Paris was a challenge of a cat, a unique blend of her own heritage and her environment, and it was a hard decision to leave her behind when I moved house last year. I saw that Paris was attached to the land and to her community and its people, not just to me, this was a result of her freelancing feral temperament and bold social nature.
I decided that she would probably be happiest in the environment she had created for herself, and there was no shortage of offers to give her a permanent home at neighbouring houses. Regular reports indicate that Paris is alive and thriving...a truly individual cat...

Monday, July 17, 2006


monday night convo around the fire.. spesh..

Friday, July 14, 2006


do you ever plan a day and it turns out to be so unlike the plan.. well that was my day... it was full of lots of good bits.. and sad bits too.. what a weird day of contrasts.. there was the brunch with the ex.. i was lookin' forward to it.. yeah, call me crazy... but there you go... i live in hope... which of course was foolish... very very foolish...

..after she told me that my latest idea was "just silly" .. and just popped in "well, you've never really worked anyway".. pardon?? ..well.. she's my ex right.. i should expect this sorta shit.. my problem is.. i dont expect it.. i dont even get mad.. i just feel hurt.. ahhh.. thats life..

..but there's an up side... i then had lunch with a newish chum.. this person made home made soup.. and the reason for my visit to her place, she wants to create a mosaic picture of our house.. so i dropped in to see her other works.. how clever... and how welcome i felt.. it was a pleasure to have a conversation with someone who listened to my words.. and offered her own in response..

.. it was a day of contrasts.. of openness and hospitality.. alongside close mindedness and judgements.. i drove home feeling enriched.. i appreciated the lunch experience all the more because of brunch... what a treasure good friendship is.. Mace

Tuesday, July 11, 2006



well i pinched this post from my earlier parenting group post.. but shh.. our secret..

i want to rave on a lil about our trip to Sydney.. as you know, the underlying purpose was to visit sperm_boi .. and the overall theme was to have a bloody good time.. it all started out well.. we booked into a boutique hotel in Oxford Street (the Wattle ad No 108).. and we can highly recomment it.. oppostie the Stonewall pub, right in the heart of Oxford Street, it was the purpfect place to feel that we were right at the heart of queer Sydney.. lying in bed at night with the sounds local drag shows on the air.. and a fab lil balcony from which to view the streetscape and local energy... so, we had arrived..
the one thing Rasta really wanted to do was visit the zoo.. and it was spesh... i mean really.. i'm not into crowds and queues .. being happiest anywhere country, close to nature and away from the excesses of large cities.. but i knew what was on our agenda and i was wearing my best attitude... and it all proceeded splendidly... the ferry ride.. the chiar lift at the zoo.. the guarilla feeding.. (the cutest mother and baby pair) .. it was good.. really.. a good day out in Sydney.. the backdrop to all this Sydneyising was that my kids were coming up from Sydney to stay at our place in Newy.. minding our fussed over and terribly spoilt (and hardly ever left) lil pooches.. (there are pics in the photo album if you are so inclined). Monday night, after our zoo visit and b4 venturing off to Darling Harbour and the casino, i thought i'd phone the kids.. just check in and make sure all was well with the dogs.. well that was a mistake .. they werent home and continued not to be home for the next 2.5 hours.. we know cos we kept checking all through dinner.. (which of course went badly).. Indian that was too spicy, ordered drinks that didnt arrive.. finally, after we had declared dinner a disarster, my son called to say that they had gone to the movies (so they had turned their phones off, of course).. all perfectly reasonable.... But it was at this point that my son said, oh, and by the way .. we both have to go home a day early.. will the dogs be ok on their own on tuesday...??? hmm.. probably not, since our second insemination appt with sperm_boi was not until 8pm, getting us back to Newcastle around midnight..
..possibly thrown by a hairy night at the Darling Hourbour eatery and concern over our lil trouffles at home alone.. this latest news of the kids early departure saw us up at sunrise tuesday planning an early trip home.. and our second insemination cancelled.. it all seemed too hard.., we're home and happy again.. all evidence of a trip to Sydney behind us.. only one insemination under our belts.. but geez its good to be home.. what's everyone esle been up to??? .. Mace

Thursday, July 06, 2006

another_day_at_the _drawingboard

Quick hide me.. they're comin' to get me.. yeehaa!!!

ahh well.. i took the car in for a service.. bought a few groceries.. and made a few purchases.. went to the bank.. had coffee with a colleague.. had email communications with the uni.. sat in the sun with the dogs.. and am looking forward to catchin' up with mates at trivia.. i wouldn't trade it.. hopin' yours has been as good..

there's this series of animated gifs i've been meanin' to share for awhile.. here we go.. Mace

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Its wednesday lunch time.. and the sun is shining... just came inside from a lil gardening.. ahh is lush..

well i've been doing a lil site construction here at my blog... a big facelift.. i even managed to delete all last weeks postings.. (t'was an accident) never mind.. i know last week happened, even if its not written up..

..i'll check back later, probably to gloat somemore about happy dayz... MaceInSpace