Saturday, July 29, 2006


For some reason.. i'm ruley enjoying (thank you 'golden grrl') my studies this semester..

..even though i have another year to complete in Brisbane .. perhaps knowing that this is my last semester at Newcastle.. a sense of finality or finishing up.. ?? ..but anyways.. i'm enjoying.. really getting into the readings.. there is a definite excitement in the air..

..its the same with friends.. consciously enjoying their company cos there's that sense that its all about to change.. but there's also comfort in the knowledge that the friends we've made here are for keeps.. stephen.. and suzie and ness.. they will all be coming to visit us in Brisbane for sure.. (stephen even talks about maybe moving with us).. :)

..and of course, there is a sense of us being on the cusp of change with Rasta having finished up at her horrid job at Wyong.. it wasnt always horrid but it got to be that way.. so she nicked it off and is in search of what comes next..

On monday, i'm lodging my application with Newcastle uni for the cross institutional study for next year (big words for saying i'm finishing my degree in Brisy).. the subjects i have to still do (in Brisy) need to match the ones i would have done here.. so Newy needs to approve them... i am submitting the subjects that i think are the matching ones from the three possbile uni's in Brisbane.. University of Queensland.. Queensland Univeristy of Technology and Griffith uni.. i dont ruley mind which one they approve.. cos they are all near the city and suburbs we would choose to live.. but Rasta and I have friends at Griffith.. so that would be nice.. but UQ seem to have the best electives... (of the 8 subjects i have left to complete next year.. 3 are electives so i have some choice in choosing those) ..feminist jurisprudence... asian legal studies.. and human rights law all appeal..

oh.. and i meant to throw in a lil brag .. my yahoo group that i started a few months back (Lesbian_Parents_Australia), is now off its training wheels.. around 50 members from all about and lotsa messages coming in... i'm pleased about that...



Sain said...

Just been reading your new blog.
Nice pictures.
Hope everything comes along the way you wish.
have a good night.
Love from Dad and Mum. x x

Mace said...

hi sian.. good to see you here..

what have you been up to..?? mace