Tuesday, July 11, 2006


well i pinched this post from my earlier parenting group post.. but shh.. our secret..

i want to rave on a lil about our trip to Sydney.. as you know, the underlying purpose was to visit sperm_boi .. and the overall theme was to have a bloody good time.. it all started out well.. we booked into a boutique hotel in Oxford Street (the Wattle ad No 108).. and we can highly recomment it.. oppostie the Stonewall pub, right in the heart of Oxford Street, it was the purpfect place to feel that we were right at the heart of queer Sydney.. lying in bed at night with the sounds local drag shows on the air.. and a fab lil balcony from which to view the streetscape and local energy... so, we had arrived..
the one thing Rasta really wanted to do was visit the zoo.. and it was spesh... i mean really.. i'm not into crowds and queues .. being happiest anywhere country, close to nature and away from the excesses of large cities.. but i knew what was on our agenda and i was wearing my best attitude... and it all proceeded splendidly... the ferry ride.. the chiar lift at the zoo.. the guarilla feeding.. (the cutest mother and baby pair) .. it was good.. really.. a good day out in Sydney..
..now the backdrop to all this Sydneyising was that my kids were coming up from Sydney to stay at our place in Newy.. minding our fussed over and terribly spoilt (and hardly ever left) lil pooches.. (there are pics in the photo album if you are so inclined). Monday night, after our zoo visit and b4 venturing off to Darling Harbour and the casino, i thought i'd phone the kids.. just check in and make sure all was well with the dogs.. well that was a mistake .. they werent home and continued not to be home for the next 2.5 hours.. we know cos we kept checking all through dinner.. (which of course went badly).. Indian that was too spicy, ordered drinks that didnt arrive.. finally, after we had declared dinner a disarster, my son called to say that they had gone to the movies (so they had turned their phones off, of course).. all perfectly reasonable.... But it was at this point that my son said, oh, and by the way .. we both have to go home a day early.. will the dogs be ok on their own on tuesday...??? hmm.. probably not, since our second insemination appt with sperm_boi was not until 8pm, getting us back to Newcastle around midnight..
..possibly thrown by a hairy night at the Darling Hourbour eatery and concern over our lil trouffles at home alone.. this latest news of the kids early departure saw us up at sunrise tuesday planning an early trip home.. and our second insemination cancelled.. it all seemed too hard..
..so, we're home and happy again.. all evidence of a trip to Sydney behind us.. only one insemination under our belts.. but geez its good to be home..
..so what's everyone esle been up to??? .. Mace

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