Friday, July 14, 2006


do you ever plan a day and it turns out to be so unlike the plan.. well that was my day... it was full of lots of good bits.. and sad bits too.. what a weird day of contrasts.. there was the brunch with the ex.. i was lookin' forward to it.. yeah, call me crazy... but there you go... i live in hope... which of course was foolish... very very foolish...

..after she told me that my latest idea was "just silly" .. and just popped in "well, you've never really worked anyway".. pardon?? ..well.. she's my ex right.. i should expect this sorta shit.. my problem is.. i dont expect it.. i dont even get mad.. i just feel hurt.. ahhh.. thats life..

..but there's an up side... i then had lunch with a newish chum.. this person made home made soup.. and the reason for my visit to her place, she wants to create a mosaic picture of our house.. so i dropped in to see her other works.. how clever... and how welcome i felt.. it was a pleasure to have a conversation with someone who listened to my words.. and offered her own in response..

.. it was a day of contrasts.. of openness and hospitality.. alongside close mindedness and judgements.. i drove home feeling enriched.. i appreciated the lunch experience all the more because of brunch... what a treasure good friendship is.. Mace

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