Wednesday, August 30, 2006


What do you get when you google "women" on an Oz search?? this is a government portal, a collection of services and links and i was surprised and pleased at first glance to see a heading in the side bar 'Lesbian and Bisexual women' but not surprised again when i clicked on it to be told 'nothing further found' ..shallow arse 'oles..

..but this looks interesting.. worth checking further anyway..

..this is another govt site.. propaganda i expect.. about what the govt does/is doing for women.. but i'll file it here for checking..

i like this.. looks grass roots .. a site that records the history of International Womens Day..

the NSW govt site for women..

the QLD govt site for women..

a national site of women lawyers..

women in Buddhism.. i want to check this one..

..and the pics are from google images under women.. food for thought as i go do my day.. Mace

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Today is looking good.. its a hazy day outside.. when i looked across to the park first thing, on letting the dogs out.. a soft, soaking sorta rain filled the sky and lay damp and puddled on the ground.. the wind is shaking the wetness from the trees.. i can see that same scene at my desk window now .. it feels good to be a part of this picture...

its a study day for me, ahead of 2 busy uni days.. notably, a one hour multiple choice exam on thursday.. how hard can that be?? ..i havent done a multiple choice exam before.. its a bit hard to know how to prepare for it.. i mean, you dont have to memorise every Act, legislation and name of govt body to be able to write in down.. you just have to recognise it.. know the context in which it applies or would be the likely right answer.. ?? ..its only worth 40%.. say that fast and its sounds triffling.. :)

anyway.. i am also working at ACON on the front counter as phone answerer and message taker this arvo.. its a good gig.. great ppl there.. both staff and clients.. and i can take my books with me.. the change of scenery makes the study go down easier..

hopin' yours is a goody... Mace

Monday, August 28, 2006


Currently i'm submitting to the system and they are trying to make me, assume that I am, one of them. In my law degree there is an asumption that I want to join the establishment and that in taking on a law degree I undertake to be part of an induction programme into the capitalist system. .

In my ethics class the other day we watched "Changing Lanes', a movie centred around the unethical practices of Wall Street lawyers. This led to a discussion on the personal ethical standpoints in our classroom, amongst my fellow students.. i didnt stay long.. i felt the need to leave. In the main the students who choose law as a path of study to a career are ppl who identify with a society that promotes profit, self interest and consumerism as appropriate ways to proceed in the world.. and i felt sorta panicked being in a room that assumed i was one of the pack.. i felt unseen, unclean and labelled..

I love my blog .. there are no controls here.. its a free and open space.. and I can state things how i see them.. and i know who i am and who i am not, in this place..

The lesbian parenting group is also fantastic and a place to stay in touch with and develop social theory that is not mainstream...

I love that suburban women come there and that ya can see em thinking and questioning... thats a splendid thing.. but for myself, i love that women who are students of life, devoted in someway to uncovering, discovering and re discovering themselves in the world also visit.. and find a sort of sanctuary too.. a continual process of invention and rejection ..women who question the place of women in society and who are part of a culture that rejects mainstream idealogies and practices.. lots of reading for my legal ethics exam and some lectures in family law ans trusts.. a good day.. .. what i am.. as a result of my studies.. is better informed about the system that drives our contorted society and better equipped to subvert it.. and better equipped to avoid its efforts to control me..

I hope yours is a goody..


Sunday, August 27, 2006


Google 'girls' and what do ya get.. what words spring to mind?? .. for me its alarming, offensive, pervasive, invasive imagery.. when did the word 'girls' come to mean 'sexualised female body' these three pics were in top five in the google search for 'girls'

Go _to_google_for_social_constuction_of _gender

Google "boys" and you get.. sport and (mateship??) ..these three pics were in the top five on a google search of 'boys'..

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Today we said good bye to Toronto... we went to our old favourtie cafe overlooking the lake .. walked down the main street and went to the Club.. if and when we visit Toronto again, it will be as interstate visitors.. ..its possible we will live in Newcastle again in the future, we are keeping our house here but that's a distant thought now.. off in the unknown..

In a few weeks, i'm planning a similar farewell trip to Sydney to co incide with lunch with the kids for my b'day and attending a gig in a pub with a mate.. I plan to viist my favourite places.. its beginning to feel like we are journeying on.. a new leg of our journey..
it feels like good bye and hello all at once.. beginning and ending.. mixed in one.. some of life's magic dust in the air..

..Mace the gig info :

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Rasta said 'is there a story' .. no, you have enough information.. they got lost.. and now they are found.. yeh :)
Ok ..yesterday, yahoo groups went off the air.. no messages were getting through.. I thought I some how blew up my group... but all is fixed now.. major drama averted..

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Monday sounds like day to day..
a day like any other..
but in its commonness I can see the pattern of my dayz..
mostly sunshine, sometimes rain..
I wont be here again..
In that way it is unique, a gift of time and place..
so while today may seem plain, it will never come again..
take it and treat it like your best grrl..
there could be magic in this day.. Mace

What's in a Tuesday..
Crisp sunshine, soft breezes and shodows playing,

antisipation in the air, once more I begin again.
When I go walking today, will the creek be high or low,
will I have a chance to sit and admire the view, on my favourite pew.
Who will nod good morning as I walk along,
will the fish be jumping today and will pelicans glide by.
What will be my story at the ending of this day,that makes this day,
this tuesday unlike any other day.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


thank you boi fiend and rasta for good hair.. :)

Gonna have a mohawk.. a purple one.. wait for it.. pic to come.. :)

Friday, August 18, 2006


stage one.. (there's colour under there)

Rasta is doing my hair tonight.. colouring it purple... and tomorrow.. Boi Fiend is gonna give me groovin' cut..

Monday, August 14, 2006


People are not all the same.. What does it take to connect to someone in a way that makes you friends.. What is the essence of that connection..

Its not age.. some of my best friends have been much older or younger than me.. but its openness and willingness to listen.. to connect with a different perspective..

Its opportunity.. in another time and place.. the words that form the bond of friendship may not have sounded the same..

Its having the time.. that nexus of time, to listen, smile and answer back..

Its knowing that your words matter, that you are valued and esteemed, that might be the essence of friendship..

For me, its also knowing that in my friends eyes, I hold a place of priority, if I have a need, they will listen, if I'm hurting they will care..

Its knowing that they will laugh with me when I make a mistake rather than laugh at me..

Friendship.. is a safe place in the world.. on a day that I make a new friend, the goddess is smiling at me.. Mace

Thursday, August 10, 2006


LesbianDad just joined my group, Lesbian_Parents_Australia.. how kewl is that.. well i'm impressed :) ..yeh BaBa.. MaceInSpace

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Well I read alot.. but I also did some surfin' about.. and I came across a stack of GBLT blogs.. lush.. this is one cute pic right :) There's links to these groovy blogs on My_Where_In_The_World_Page.. Mace

There's that fork again..

All dayz are not the same..

At the crossroads, sitting next to life's shitty bits... geeezz... what to do... chuck in some pics and wait for an ad break... oh for want of a fast forward button...

Saturday, August 05, 2006


A saturday in august.. cold and chilly in Newcastle.. i'm up early checkin' out the world while Rasta is still sleeping in fairy princess land.. Life is pretty cruizy at the mo... although we are miving house soon... i'm not thinkin' of it too much.. just enjoying the moment.. life in a good groove..

hey.. the sofa has been a lil boring.. well, maybe i should say .. i've not been engaging much on the sofa.. but with new efforts to communicate inspried by my need to get to know Brisy a li better.. i've discovered a whole shelf of new mates.. what an eclectic bunch.. wouldnt like to try conversing with them all in the real in one place..

..time for toppin' up my coffee.. have a goody.. MaceInSpace..

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


what do u think the convo is about.. .. you have the best hair man.. ??