Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Monday sounds like day to day..
a day like any other..
but in its commonness I can see the pattern of my dayz..
mostly sunshine, sometimes rain..
I wont be here again..
In that way it is unique, a gift of time and place..
so while today may seem plain, it will never come again..
take it and treat it like your best grrl..
there could be magic in this day.. Mace

What's in a Tuesday..
Crisp sunshine, soft breezes and shodows playing,

antisipation in the air, once more I begin again.
When I go walking today, will the creek be high or low,
will I have a chance to sit and admire the view, on my favourite pew.
Who will nod good morning as I walk along,
will the fish be jumping today and will pelicans glide by.
What will be my story at the ending of this day,that makes this day,
this tuesday unlike any other day.

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