Wednesday, August 30, 2006


What do you get when you google "women" on an Oz search?? this is a government portal, a collection of services and links and i was surprised and pleased at first glance to see a heading in the side bar 'Lesbian and Bisexual women' but not surprised again when i clicked on it to be told 'nothing further found' ..shallow arse 'oles..

..but this looks interesting.. worth checking further anyway..

..this is another govt site.. propaganda i expect.. about what the govt does/is doing for women.. but i'll file it here for checking..

i like this.. looks grass roots .. a site that records the history of International Womens Day..

the NSW govt site for women..

the QLD govt site for women..

a national site of women lawyers..

women in Buddhism.. i want to check this one..

..and the pics are from google images under women.. food for thought as i go do my day.. Mace

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