Monday, August 28, 2006


Currently i'm submitting to the system and they are trying to make me, assume that I am, one of them. In my law degree there is an asumption that I want to join the establishment and that in taking on a law degree I undertake to be part of an induction programme into the capitalist system. .

In my ethics class the other day we watched "Changing Lanes', a movie centred around the unethical practices of Wall Street lawyers. This led to a discussion on the personal ethical standpoints in our classroom, amongst my fellow students.. i didnt stay long.. i felt the need to leave. In the main the students who choose law as a path of study to a career are ppl who identify with a society that promotes profit, self interest and consumerism as appropriate ways to proceed in the world.. and i felt sorta panicked being in a room that assumed i was one of the pack.. i felt unseen, unclean and labelled..

I love my blog .. there are no controls here.. its a free and open space.. and I can state things how i see them.. and i know who i am and who i am not, in this place..

The lesbian parenting group is also fantastic and a place to stay in touch with and develop social theory that is not mainstream...

I love that suburban women come there and that ya can see em thinking and questioning... thats a splendid thing.. but for myself, i love that women who are students of life, devoted in someway to uncovering, discovering and re discovering themselves in the world also visit.. and find a sort of sanctuary too.. a continual process of invention and rejection ..women who question the place of women in society and who are part of a culture that rejects mainstream idealogies and practices.. lots of reading for my legal ethics exam and some lectures in family law ans trusts.. a good day.. .. what i am.. as a result of my studies.. is better informed about the system that drives our contorted society and better equipped to subvert it.. and better equipped to avoid its efforts to control me..

I hope yours is a goody..



Anonymous said...

i know what you mean...i am often the odd one out in my wom*n's studies class (actually in most classes). some days i just can't be bothered and i drift away in my head and just stay silent but most of the time i just can't sit quietly when people say something that conflicts so strongly with my beliefs and experience. i don't tell them they're wrong( because i don't think they are, just telling their own truth which happens to conflict strongly with mine), i just question them and put forward the alternative view (which i am then prepared to have questioned). its a lot of work to disagree.

Sain said...

Hi there,
Everything coming along ok?
Bridge tomorrow.
Had a day today,when I felt the need to something different, so we went out and did a few things differently......out of our routine, which is good sometimes.
Good night
love from R&G.

Mace said...

hello fellow bloggers.. just so ya know.. (sian is mum and dad) and (anonymous is Kat) .. cheers..Mace