Saturday, August 26, 2006


Today we said good bye to Toronto... we went to our old favourtie cafe overlooking the lake .. walked down the main street and went to the Club.. if and when we visit Toronto again, it will be as interstate visitors.. ..its possible we will live in Newcastle again in the future, we are keeping our house here but that's a distant thought now.. off in the unknown..

In a few weeks, i'm planning a similar farewell trip to Sydney to co incide with lunch with the kids for my b'day and attending a gig in a pub with a mate.. I plan to viist my favourite places.. its beginning to feel like we are journeying on.. a new leg of our journey..
it feels like good bye and hello all at once.. beginning and ending.. mixed in one.. some of life's magic dust in the air..

..Mace the gig info :

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