Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Today is looking good.. its a hazy day outside.. when i looked across to the park first thing, on letting the dogs out.. a soft, soaking sorta rain filled the sky and lay damp and puddled on the ground.. the wind is shaking the wetness from the trees.. i can see that same scene at my desk window now .. it feels good to be a part of this picture...

its a study day for me, ahead of 2 busy uni days.. notably, a one hour multiple choice exam on thursday.. how hard can that be?? ..i havent done a multiple choice exam before.. its a bit hard to know how to prepare for it.. i mean, you dont have to memorise every Act, legislation and name of govt body to be able to write in down.. you just have to recognise it.. know the context in which it applies or would be the likely right answer.. ?? ..its only worth 40%.. say that fast and its sounds triffling.. :)

anyway.. i am also working at ACON on the front counter as phone answerer and message taker this arvo.. its a good gig.. great ppl there.. both staff and clients.. and i can take my books with me.. the change of scenery makes the study go down easier..

hopin' yours is a goody... Mace

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Anonymous said...

hi mace

hope your day went really well