Monday, August 14, 2006


People are not all the same.. What does it take to connect to someone in a way that makes you friends.. What is the essence of that connection..

Its not age.. some of my best friends have been much older or younger than me.. but its openness and willingness to listen.. to connect with a different perspective..

Its opportunity.. in another time and place.. the words that form the bond of friendship may not have sounded the same..

Its having the time.. that nexus of time, to listen, smile and answer back..

Its knowing that your words matter, that you are valued and esteemed, that might be the essence of friendship..

For me, its also knowing that in my friends eyes, I hold a place of priority, if I have a need, they will listen, if I'm hurting they will care..

Its knowing that they will laugh with me when I make a mistake rather than laugh at me..

Friendship.. is a safe place in the world.. on a day that I make a new friend, the goddess is smiling at me.. Mace

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