Friday, September 01, 2006

Gender dysphoria and the discourse of het and homo

ello fellow bloggers.. this random group of thoughts might just as well belong over at my parenting group but i think i'm scarin' with too much theory so i'll stick it here instead.. in a more private cyberspace..

i've been talking blog to blog to LesbianDad.. a non bio lesbo parent in San Fran with a good lookin', great soundin' gender bending blog.. i made an assumption, perhap wrongly that LesboDad was just a gender bendin' queer sorta gal who is really in touch with her masculine side.. and thats kewl right.. but her non response to my latest comment on her blog.. (i enquired on her views on gender dysphoria) ..leads me to think that maybe we have opposing views on gender construction after all..

..gender dysphoria is a medical term for ppl who believe/feel that their gender doesnt match their sex.. to hold that belief you have to hold some sort of essentialist views.. that there are fixed and correct positions for gender in relation to a sexed body..

a queer position holds that its all a fluid space.. that sex of the body is not determinitive of gender qualities or presentation and that its a space you can occupy in any way you choose.. i like this theory.. its sits well with me and its the way i live my life.. but it raises other questions doesnt it.. the whole dichotomous relationship thingo ?? so if we agree that the sex of a body and gender presentation, bear no specific relationship to each other, what then of het and homo sexual orientations .. maybe i'm just slow... and maybe queer has been saying this all along.. but isnt the idea of fixed and polaric sexual orientation also essentialist ?? (straight or gay/lesbo) ..the 'creation' of homo as the dichotous pair of het is a modernist statement surely??

..i was about to say that the queer position must surely be that the sex of the body the known component and gender, the construction you add, to your own design.. but its so hard to think outside the square.. i challenge you to try thinking about the sexed body, without a gender overlay.. what is there before gender is added??

..taking these thoughts to where they seem to lead.. the tightly held and long standing assumption that ppl are generally het, has resulted in the establishment and maintenance of the social structure we call the family.. in that light, its possibly to see the family as the social manifestation of that belief system.. the discourse of the family..

jumpin' ahead from that thought.. when we try to fit lesbo/gay 'families' into the model, try to extend and bend the family to accommodate our relationships.. are we just trying to fit into a social construction anyway.. not 'family' just the social manifestation of the het discourse..??

the tripe about the need for a bio component.. the incest taboo.. all part of the construction of the 'family' .. OMG.. its so hard to think outside the construction.. !!

ooohhh.. good thoughts for a friday.. ok.. bathtime.. then bowl of fruit and yoghurt time.. and then take a book for a walk time.. have a goody.. Mace

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