Thursday, September 14, 2006


i havent posted on this page for awhile.. i dont want to seem like a slack lil blogger so here's a few words.. (though i have posted on other pages in this journal)..'s a wurly gig at the mo.. i'm juggling uni stuff, like essay writing.. though i'm not going to lectures anymore.. and job applications.. looking at houses to rent online.. while realising theres a bucket load of work to do around here to get the house ready for renting out.. case you havent been paying attention.. or have your own wurly gig goin' on.. i've decided to defer my study next year and get a job in Brisbane.. now thats exciting... lookin' forward t being a wage earner.. life in the real world!! ..ahhh.. how real can it be..??

..just trying to think of a pic to represent my day.. i'll go find you.. back soon.. !! there ya are..

have a goody.. mace

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