Wednesday, October 04, 2006

travelling on to Brisbane.. how exciting/exhausting for us!!

4th october.. 2006.. 10 dayz b4 my b'day..

we are packing.. getting removalist quotes.. the house in newcastle is all but rented.. the house in woolloongabba is definitely ours..

..we're saying good bye to ppl all over the place.. lotsa social stuff..

..i'm off to sydney on friday.. to meet up with Prue and say see ya to sydney .. i dont think i'll be a near neighbour for awhile.. is ever..

..such a big adventure for Rasta and i.. i have applied for 2 jobs.. anothery to go..

..of course.. Rasta's job at the uni is all in place.. startin' date.. the 23rd october..

..i'll be travelling down to newcastle for 3 exams in november.. ..i'm not thinking about that yet.. it will be fine..

..if i dont have a job by xmas.. QUT has constitutional law at summer school.. that could be a goer..

..all so exciting.. and exhausting... ..i think its time for a nap..!! :) Mace


Anonymous said...

hey mace,

prue says you missed the shop on friday. sounds like you had quite an adventure down here in the big smoke.


Mace said...

hey Kat..

yeh.. sorry i missed you.. and the shop.. it was a busy sorta unexpected day.. but we had fun.. and a looong walk :) mace