Thursday, November 30, 2006

..making progress on the work front.. no, not a job offer as yet.. but some more prospects..

i found another job online today.. and its at Woolloongabba.. a few blocks from home.. its at the Brisbane Rape Crisis Centre.. 30 hrs (almost fulltime).. and in the ad they say..

"we are a unique orgainsation that utilises a radical feminist framework"
"if you share our vision, commitment and determination and are seeking work that allows you to live your core values every day, then we want to hear from you." ya think the job has my name on it.. :)

..i'm answering the selection criteria tomorrow.. its due in 9am monday.. i'll hand deliver it..

this is some more info about the job..

"The Brisbane Rape and Incest Survivors Support Centre is an organisation based on feminist principles committed to working towards ending violence against women and children, and providing support to women who have experienced sexual violence.

The BRISSC provides the following services:

² Support for women 15 years and over, who have experienced sexual violence
² Telephone support, information and referral
² Group work
² Support skills training
² Community education, training and development
² Library, video resources and community IT facilities
² Research and resource development
² Social action and advocacy

As feminists we are committed to collectivity and to the maintenance of a non-hierarchical model of management that requires the responsible and active participation of all members. "

..the other good thing that happened today.. i found out that i am being paid $35 an hr for the markng i'm doing for the uni.. that's making me smile.. its a real job :)

Rasta is off shopping tonight with mother.. (some early xmas stuff i think)..

..hugs to the trivia team at the G..

..and hopin' thursday was good to you.. Mace

Monday, November 27, 2006

lotl stuff

while dykes in the past may have been more interested in demonising lipstick as symbol of patriarchal oppression than clamouring to find out which particular brand Jodie Foster used, it seems nowadays we’re embracing the cult of celebrity with a passion.“I think lesbians are tired of images of themselves as whingeing, militant, marginal, separatist have-nots,” says Merryn Johns, editor of Australia’s national lesbian magazine, LOTL. “They now realise that they are part of the broader society, that assimilation is inevitable, and probably a good thing. Somewhere in the past decade lesbians decided to openly ‘get a life’”.

... Merryn Johns joined LOTL in May 2000 as the Editor. ...

note to blog :

..i swam today..

..not in the beach area but in the lap pool.. ..magic..

..the water temperature was probably about 28.. chill at all.. ..perfect..

..women's use of public space is always tenuous, i am so pleased to have found a safe place to indulge myself.. lucky..


Sunday, November 26, 2006

note to blog :

..we bought a shopper trolley today.. groovin' black and chrome with pink hibiscis flowers.. spesh ..

..i bought new swimmers.. maybe i'll go swimming tomorrow .. ??

..we tried out our air con in the house for the first time.. it works like magic.. bliss!!

..sadly, pizza delivery doesnt really seem to work in Brisbane.. we've been here less than 2 mths and already we have a swag of horror pizza delivery stories.. (you dont wanna know) .. :)


Saturday, November 25, 2006

you're gonna be ruley ruley pissed..

..if ya haven't been off doing something truly inspiring.. ..but dont feel bad if ya haven't .. i have pics !! ..thats right, i've been a tourist in my own life so i could share it with you :)

this is yoga, tai chi.. meditation.. with buddhist and kundalini principles as well.. you gotta come away feeling revitalised..

..i throw in some pics of my beach with cricket germs sprawled all over it.. !! actually the big screen was pretty amazing.. they were playing surf music and the waves were rollin' ..but can you imagine.. add several hundred ppl.. prolly thousands .. replace the waves with cricket and you've lost me.. ..its all a lil bit trashy.. lots of green and gold adveritsements and a sorta Miloland of Cricket... !! we did something ruley kewl and hippyish.. we went to West End markets.. there were buskers all about.. organic home grown food.. blissful loaves of bread.. and every hippy in Brisbane (or wonna be) was there.. we have to get one of those granny trolleys with the wheels.. everyone has em !! to sleep for the partay tonight.. i hope you have a big part in your local performance of 'Saturday'.. Mace

Friday, November 24, 2006

ToDaY, ToMOrRoW and EvErYtHiNg ..

view to North and South Stradbroke Islands..
Today :

Rasta and i went on a bit of a day trip today.. she chucked a sicky :)

..and we went to Redcliffe.. this is one side of the street in the pics.. the shopping street is a bit like the Entrance on the Central Coast or Terrigal.. shops on one side, beach on the other (i couldnt find pics of the shops) .. but this is one magic view.. you are looking across to the Stradbrokes and Bribie Island.. (looking like sand banks in the distance..)

..this is a kewl place.. about 30 mins from home.. and its earthy, not commerical at all.. we had lunch at Hogs Breath Cafe.. but there was lots to choose from.. couldnt help but think back to the last time we ate at Hogs Breath.. the week we left Newcastle, in Beaumont street.. a very different location.. (happy/sad thoughts)

..this is the sort of laid back place you could take a drive to.. pull up a beachside bench and read without too much interuption.. noice.. trip down that way, Rasta says we'll go across to Bribie Is..

Tomorrow :

..I'm going to South Bank for yoga and tai chi .. I am imagining South Bank will be crowded with alot of tourists and blow ins .. they have brought in a big screen tv and have placed it so close to the beach area that its almost in the water.. the promoters are calling it Cricket HQ.. and the idea is you can muck about in the water at the same time as you watch the cricket.. there are cricket banners everywhere.. its a major take over..

Everything :

..we are off to our first Brisbane party on saturday night.. backyard barby really i think.. i'll need a good arvo sleep to stay up late.. i'm definitely more of a morning person these dayz..

more Everything :

..has anyone else discovered 'my yahoo' ??

..i think you need to have a yahoo mail account to accessit, its sort of a personalised home page that you get to from your mailbox.. it looks alot like the yahoo home page but you get to select what is on the page.. and no one can see it but you.. so for example, you can select to have lots of daily things.. daily quote, daily pics (on all sorts of themes), daily sudoku, daily mantras.. etc.. ..and then you can add your own fav news links.. or whatever.. its a bit exciting for an online sorta grrl.. but i cant show you.. you'll have to get your own..


Thursday, November 23, 2006

the gabba !!

..well i'm not a sports fan as you know.. but even i couldnt help but notice the preparations for the big five dayer at the local cricket grounds..

..on my walk this morning.. the Clarendon Corner pub had a sign out at 6am.. telling passers by that they were 'the last fuel stop b4 the Gabba' .. and proudly displayed a banner saying 'genuine Aussie pub' .. presumably for all the tourists..

..i came home and ask Rasta and its starts today!! ..the local pubs seem to be a heaps big highlight for the cricket going public.. apparently there's been an unoffical take over of one local pub, by the English.. (dubbed the Barmy Army)

..we are within an easy walk of the Gabba.. i imagine we'll feel some of the heat of the invasion.. be it parking in the streets 'round here.. or just traffic congestion.. ..all this excitement so close to home.. ..i wish there was this much interest and excitement about something that interested me..

..what would that be you ask..?? ..go on.. ask :) ..well.. you know, something like a women centred cultural festival.. street theatre.. ..sacred women's circle dancing.. mics in the pubs and ppl talking about issues of equity.. and world harmony.. ..yeah right.. much easier to bring ppl together to compete, in a male centred sport that celebrates a culture of drinking.. another time and place.. it could be so different.. Mace

Saturday, November 18, 2006

saturdays are for playing..

i'm thinging that we may wander off to Stones Corner for a look see.. its a suburb and a street shopping area with saturday markets.. markets are a big deal in Brisbane... the weather is just right for it.. anything outside is the go..

..we drove passed the Stones Corner shops/markets yesterday for the first time and it looked worth checking out..

..i am putting in another job application this week end.. for other positions with Child Safety, one position is at Stones Corner.. and its 5 mins down the road.. that would be noice.. but i see myself working at Woodridge .. (the position i interviewed for last friday).. Woodridge is your typical welfare suburb with a melting pot of culture, lots of public housing.. a hot spot for govt support services.. the need is in the air.. i like that sorta work environment.. ..i hope i get that job.. .. Stones Corner would be a good second choice though.. ..Stones Corner.. history..

Friday, November 10, 2006

what a cheer squad..!!

thank you to allovya who sent me good luck emails..

i feel an arvo snooze comin' on for sure.. a wee bit buggared after all that energy out put..

..but .. as far as anyone can tell about these things.. it went well.. the bummer is though, that its not likely i'll know anything regarding a job offer until around christmas.. with commencement in the new year.. ..that's govt for ya !!

..da fairy and i are off to south bank tonight.. night markets then dinner.. noice..


today's the day !!

..5 in the morning.. dogs fed and watered and i'm sitting at my computer..

i know the Qld indigenous people are Murris.. i spent yesterday reading about processes in the Child Safety dept.. i've re read my job application.. this morning i'm going to go browse through the Practice Manual.. (Child Safety has such a well set up website.. all sorts of data and training material is available online)

..last night i decided what i was gonna wear.. one less thing to focus on this morning..

..there are three people on the interview panel, one Indigenous Child Safety Officer, the team leader of the Out of Home Care team (my possbile new boss) and a person from a foster care agency that the dept has a working partnership with.. of course, they'll all be looking to see that i'm a person they would want to work with.. oh the pressure .. !!

..wish me luck peoples.. this is the morning of the job interview.. 10.30


Saturday, November 04, 2006

getting ready for a job interview..!!

..just a re cap.. i think i've spread the word.. but i plan to work next year, rather than complete my law degree.. i'm gonna study part time which will stretch the degree completion out to 2/3 years into the future.. but that's ok.. workin' seems the right thing to do about now.. ..possibly because of the disruption of moving house and State and necessarily university.. or maybe 5 years is enough.. ..time for some practical application..

..and so of course.. the big news is my job interview on friday 10.. next friday !! ..its with the dept of Child Safety.. (child protection, like DoCs)..
its a casework and training position, as part of the out of home care team.. today, Rasta and i motored out to Woodridge, the interview and job location.. about 20 min and 20 kms from home.. i think we may have to 'practice' again tomorrow.. but its driving out of town, against the traffic.. how hard can it be..

we also went to a WAY too large shopping centre.. the sort you fear will swallow you up and you'll never be able to find the way out again.. ..(i know you know what i mean Suzie) ..and bigger than Charlestown Ness..!! ..well the parking was a chore.. it was complete with a ranting, looney who took time out from driving his vehicle to get out and abuse any one who was in ear shot.. noice .. ..but we got a park.. and then had the best burger for lunch.. (even rivalling the pub burger, but not the pub company).. ahead of some kick arse shopping... i got work clothes.. !! this is scary.. ..exciting that we found some clothes i liked.. but scary cos i feel constricted.. i can feel the word about to jump out from the keys.. CONFORMITY.. !! ..yes, a need to conform.. ..i've been allowed to roam free for 5 years.. the life of a student.. jeans.. trackpants.. and lately, purple rooster hair..!! ..but, the clothes we found today arent too bad.. ..its just part of the whole.. 'maybe i'm soon gonna be a workin' grrl' thingo..

..what i ruley ruley hope is that after the interview and after i get the job.. it turns out to be a way relaxed work place.. like ACON in Newcastle.. ( i could work there for the vibe.. )

..i have some reading up on dept procedure and policy for the interview, as well as still trying to focus on exam study.. ..and on tuesday night, i'm off to a meeting at the glbtqi counselling ass.. ..i'm hoping they ask me to join them as a counsellor cos of my lifeline experience..

..well that's it.. tomorrow we are having brunch at New Farm (read hip, trendy suburb, just across the Story Bridge)

hopin' your saturday night is a goody... Mace aka Sheryl

disclaimer : sorry to Newy ppl for stating the obvious and sorry to Brisbane ppl for doing the same.. :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

i swam with ducks...

good morning.. this morning on my walk .. i stopped at the beach and wadded with a duck.. just one.. but it was enough.. so much more than wadding on my own.. i felt in company.. ..then it occurred to me as i watched the first swimmer for the morning enter the water.. that i should do the same.. once i find the time to shop and buy some water togs, i'm gonna be a swimmer as well as a walker.. health lifestyle or what!!

..truth is, i've got 9 dayz to get that black suit Rasta bought me for my first year moot, a coupla yrs back, to fit a lil less snuggly, for my job interview..

..the day ahead is a working one for both da fairy and i.. yet she hasnt acquired either, her own room or the promised new red furniture.. ..but she in still, perhaps naively, hopeful of both.. Thursday and friday are the only dayz she has to share her office.. one possible solution to the office squeeze is to have one of those days as a research/work from home day.. ..that would work well.. will keep ya posted..

its just another study day for me.. Family Law.. at least its an interesting subject.. the whole idea of exams feels alot more relaxed having our good buddy Bill as my exam supervisor.. ..i'm going to sit my exams in his office, he's just gonna leave me to it !! ..Bill's even suggested that we share a bottle of wine to celebrate when the last exam is over.. thats got to make a grrl feel relaxed..

... chat soon.. mace aka sheryl

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Precious things..

..i've not had alot of bloggin' time lately.. you know the story.. movin' house.. and then some more of it.. ..but i'd like to get comfy here again.. ..i've been writing alot on my BrisbanePage.. (click on top page in the side bar).. but there's only so much one can say about moving house.. its done.. we've arrived.. i'm settling back in to writing here..

..this post is gonna just be a compilation of things in my head..

..things like.. we are still going to try conceiving in Brisbane.. Rasta wants to keep trying.. and i support her in that.. ..still trying to track down a local donor..

..talking of babies.. Tammy and Melissa Etheridge had their twins.. and i discovered Tammy's baby blog.. i like it alot..

..i have a job interview.. i will probably have to normalise my hair .. blahhh ..but the job will be kewl.. heres hopin'

..while it was a huge hump to climb in the getting here .. to Brisbane that is.. it now feels strangely settled.. life is pretty lush.. we have a smattering of new friends and Rasta has a collection of old favs.. ..and while there is a gap that no amount of new mates will fill.. that gap left by our departure from Newcastle and the best lil trivia team in queerdom.. life is crunchy and smooth again..