Thursday, November 23, 2006

the gabba !!

..well i'm not a sports fan as you know.. but even i couldnt help but notice the preparations for the big five dayer at the local cricket grounds..

..on my walk this morning.. the Clarendon Corner pub had a sign out at 6am.. telling passers by that they were 'the last fuel stop b4 the Gabba' .. and proudly displayed a banner saying 'genuine Aussie pub' .. presumably for all the tourists..

..i came home and ask Rasta and its starts today!! ..the local pubs seem to be a heaps big highlight for the cricket going public.. apparently there's been an unoffical take over of one local pub, by the English.. (dubbed the Barmy Army)

..we are within an easy walk of the Gabba.. i imagine we'll feel some of the heat of the invasion.. be it parking in the streets 'round here.. or just traffic congestion.. ..all this excitement so close to home.. ..i wish there was this much interest and excitement about something that interested me..

..what would that be you ask..?? ..go on.. ask :) ..well.. you know, something like a women centred cultural festival.. street theatre.. ..sacred women's circle dancing.. mics in the pubs and ppl talking about issues of equity.. and world harmony.. ..yeah right.. much easier to bring ppl together to compete, in a male centred sport that celebrates a culture of drinking.. another time and place.. it could be so different.. Mace

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