Saturday, November 04, 2006

getting ready for a job interview..!!

..just a re cap.. i think i've spread the word.. but i plan to work next year, rather than complete my law degree.. i'm gonna study part time which will stretch the degree completion out to 2/3 years into the future.. but that's ok.. workin' seems the right thing to do about now.. ..possibly because of the disruption of moving house and State and necessarily university.. or maybe 5 years is enough.. ..time for some practical application..

..and so of course.. the big news is my job interview on friday 10.. next friday !! ..its with the dept of Child Safety.. (child protection, like DoCs)..
its a casework and training position, as part of the out of home care team.. today, Rasta and i motored out to Woodridge, the interview and job location.. about 20 min and 20 kms from home.. i think we may have to 'practice' again tomorrow.. but its driving out of town, against the traffic.. how hard can it be..

we also went to a WAY too large shopping centre.. the sort you fear will swallow you up and you'll never be able to find the way out again.. ..(i know you know what i mean Suzie) ..and bigger than Charlestown Ness..!! ..well the parking was a chore.. it was complete with a ranting, looney who took time out from driving his vehicle to get out and abuse any one who was in ear shot.. noice .. ..but we got a park.. and then had the best burger for lunch.. (even rivalling the pub burger, but not the pub company).. ahead of some kick arse shopping... i got work clothes.. !! this is scary.. ..exciting that we found some clothes i liked.. but scary cos i feel constricted.. i can feel the word about to jump out from the keys.. CONFORMITY.. !! ..yes, a need to conform.. ..i've been allowed to roam free for 5 years.. the life of a student.. jeans.. trackpants.. and lately, purple rooster hair..!! ..but, the clothes we found today arent too bad.. ..its just part of the whole.. 'maybe i'm soon gonna be a workin' grrl' thingo..

..what i ruley ruley hope is that after the interview and after i get the job.. it turns out to be a way relaxed work place.. like ACON in Newcastle.. ( i could work there for the vibe.. )

..i have some reading up on dept procedure and policy for the interview, as well as still trying to focus on exam study.. ..and on tuesday night, i'm off to a meeting at the glbtqi counselling ass.. ..i'm hoping they ask me to join them as a counsellor cos of my lifeline experience..

..well that's it.. tomorrow we are having brunch at New Farm (read hip, trendy suburb, just across the Story Bridge)

hopin' your saturday night is a goody... Mace aka Sheryl

disclaimer : sorry to Newy ppl for stating the obvious and sorry to Brisbane ppl for doing the same.. :)


Sain said...

Having the new computer is great,
(It does what I want it to do, when I want to do it)
What is the name of the gigantic Shopping Centre...I have heard of a whopping big Centre in Qld.?
Enjoy your day.
Love from R&G.

Mace said...

..hey gwenda.. its called Garden City at Nathan..

have a goody.. s/m