Thursday, November 02, 2006

i swam with ducks...

good morning.. this morning on my walk .. i stopped at the beach and wadded with a duck.. just one.. but it was enough.. so much more than wadding on my own.. i felt in company.. ..then it occurred to me as i watched the first swimmer for the morning enter the water.. that i should do the same.. once i find the time to shop and buy some water togs, i'm gonna be a swimmer as well as a walker.. health lifestyle or what!!

..truth is, i've got 9 dayz to get that black suit Rasta bought me for my first year moot, a coupla yrs back, to fit a lil less snuggly, for my job interview..

..the day ahead is a working one for both da fairy and i.. yet she hasnt acquired either, her own room or the promised new red furniture.. ..but she in still, perhaps naively, hopeful of both.. Thursday and friday are the only dayz she has to share her office.. one possible solution to the office squeeze is to have one of those days as a research/work from home day.. ..that would work well.. will keep ya posted..

its just another study day for me.. Family Law.. at least its an interesting subject.. the whole idea of exams feels alot more relaxed having our good buddy Bill as my exam supervisor.. ..i'm going to sit my exams in his office, he's just gonna leave me to it !! ..Bill's even suggested that we share a bottle of wine to celebrate when the last exam is over.. thats got to make a grrl feel relaxed..

... chat soon.. mace aka sheryl

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Anonymous said...

hi Sheryl

I enjoyed reading your blog ... I love your pics! Will email soon. I have an interview for a 2 day a week job in a few days ... maybe we return to the grind at about the same time, dont even know if 2 days will be too much for me these days! But gotta give it a go ... will let you know for sure when uni results are out, but I am now in the 51% club there too!