Thursday, November 30, 2006

..making progress on the work front.. no, not a job offer as yet.. but some more prospects..

i found another job online today.. and its at Woolloongabba.. a few blocks from home.. its at the Brisbane Rape Crisis Centre.. 30 hrs (almost fulltime).. and in the ad they say..

"we are a unique orgainsation that utilises a radical feminist framework"
"if you share our vision, commitment and determination and are seeking work that allows you to live your core values every day, then we want to hear from you." ya think the job has my name on it.. :)

..i'm answering the selection criteria tomorrow.. its due in 9am monday.. i'll hand deliver it..

this is some more info about the job..

"The Brisbane Rape and Incest Survivors Support Centre is an organisation based on feminist principles committed to working towards ending violence against women and children, and providing support to women who have experienced sexual violence.

The BRISSC provides the following services:

² Support for women 15 years and over, who have experienced sexual violence
² Telephone support, information and referral
² Group work
² Support skills training
² Community education, training and development
² Library, video resources and community IT facilities
² Research and resource development
² Social action and advocacy

As feminists we are committed to collectivity and to the maintenance of a non-hierarchical model of management that requires the responsible and active participation of all members. "

..the other good thing that happened today.. i found out that i am being paid $35 an hr for the markng i'm doing for the uni.. that's making me smile.. its a real job :)

Rasta is off shopping tonight with mother.. (some early xmas stuff i think)..

..hugs to the trivia team at the G..

..and hopin' thursday was good to you.. Mace

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Anonymous said...

That job was made for you (or vice versa, I'm never sure which)!