Sunday, November 26, 2006

note to blog :

..we bought a shopper trolley today.. groovin' black and chrome with pink hibiscis flowers.. spesh ..

..i bought new swimmers.. maybe i'll go swimming tomorrow .. ??

..we tried out our air con in the house for the first time.. it works like magic.. bliss!!

..sadly, pizza delivery doesnt really seem to work in Brisbane.. we've been here less than 2 mths and already we have a swag of horror pizza delivery stories.. (you dont wanna know) .. :)



Sain said...

Love the puppies outfits!!
What is the tale there? G.

Mace said...

hey sain..

no story to the frocked up poodle.. i just get these great pics delivered to 'My Yahoo' every day and this is a good place to share them.. pleased you liked.. mace