Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Precious things..

..i've not had alot of bloggin' time lately.. you know the story.. movin' house.. and then some more of it.. ..but i'd like to get comfy here again.. ..i've been writing alot on my BrisbanePage.. (click on top page in the side bar).. but there's only so much one can say about moving house.. its done.. we've arrived.. i'm settling back in to writing here..

..this post is gonna just be a compilation of things in my head..

..things like.. we are still going to try conceiving in Brisbane.. Rasta wants to keep trying.. and i support her in that.. ..still trying to track down a local donor..

..talking of babies.. Tammy and Melissa Etheridge had their twins.. and i discovered Tammy's baby blog.. i like it alot..

..i have a job interview.. i will probably have to normalise my hair .. blahhh ..but the job will be kewl.. heres hopin'

..while it was a huge hump to climb in the getting here .. to Brisbane that is.. it now feels strangely settled.. life is pretty lush.. we have a smattering of new friends and Rasta has a collection of old favs.. ..and while there is a gap that no amount of new mates will fill.. that gap left by our departure from Newcastle and the best lil trivia team in queerdom.. life is crunchy and smooth again..


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