Saturday, November 18, 2006

saturdays are for playing..

i'm thinging that we may wander off to Stones Corner for a look see.. its a suburb and a street shopping area with saturday markets.. markets are a big deal in Brisbane... the weather is just right for it.. anything outside is the go..

..we drove passed the Stones Corner shops/markets yesterday for the first time and it looked worth checking out..

..i am putting in another job application this week end.. for other positions with Child Safety, one position is at Stones Corner.. and its 5 mins down the road.. that would be noice.. but i see myself working at Woodridge .. (the position i interviewed for last friday).. Woodridge is your typical welfare suburb with a melting pot of culture, lots of public housing.. a hot spot for govt support services.. the need is in the air.. i like that sorta work environment.. ..i hope i get that job.. .. Stones Corner would be a good second choice though.. ..Stones Corner.. history..

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Sain said...

Thank you for info re Gabba......
Dad would appreciate being so near with the possibility of going there for the test!!
Enjoy your day.
Love from Ron and Gwenda. x x