Friday, November 24, 2006

ToDaY, ToMOrRoW and EvErYtHiNg ..

view to North and South Stradbroke Islands..
Today :

Rasta and i went on a bit of a day trip today.. she chucked a sicky :)

..and we went to Redcliffe.. this is one side of the street in the pics.. the shopping street is a bit like the Entrance on the Central Coast or Terrigal.. shops on one side, beach on the other (i couldnt find pics of the shops) .. but this is one magic view.. you are looking across to the Stradbrokes and Bribie Island.. (looking like sand banks in the distance..)

..this is a kewl place.. about 30 mins from home.. and its earthy, not commerical at all.. we had lunch at Hogs Breath Cafe.. but there was lots to choose from.. couldnt help but think back to the last time we ate at Hogs Breath.. the week we left Newcastle, in Beaumont street.. a very different location.. (happy/sad thoughts)

..this is the sort of laid back place you could take a drive to.. pull up a beachside bench and read without too much interuption.. noice.. trip down that way, Rasta says we'll go across to Bribie Is..

Tomorrow :

..I'm going to South Bank for yoga and tai chi .. I am imagining South Bank will be crowded with alot of tourists and blow ins .. they have brought in a big screen tv and have placed it so close to the beach area that its almost in the water.. the promoters are calling it Cricket HQ.. and the idea is you can muck about in the water at the same time as you watch the cricket.. there are cricket banners everywhere.. its a major take over..

Everything :

..we are off to our first Brisbane party on saturday night.. backyard barby really i think.. i'll need a good arvo sleep to stay up late.. i'm definitely more of a morning person these dayz..

more Everything :

..has anyone else discovered 'my yahoo' ??

..i think you need to have a yahoo mail account to accessit, its sort of a personalised home page that you get to from your mailbox.. it looks alot like the yahoo home page but you get to select what is on the page.. and no one can see it but you.. so for example, you can select to have lots of daily things.. daily quote, daily pics (on all sorts of themes), daily sudoku, daily mantras.. etc.. ..and then you can add your own fav news links.. or whatever.. its a bit exciting for an online sorta grrl.. but i cant show you.. you'll have to get your own..


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