Friday, November 10, 2006

today's the day !!

..5 in the morning.. dogs fed and watered and i'm sitting at my computer..

i know the Qld indigenous people are Murris.. i spent yesterday reading about processes in the Child Safety dept.. i've re read my job application.. this morning i'm going to go browse through the Practice Manual.. (Child Safety has such a well set up website.. all sorts of data and training material is available online)

..last night i decided what i was gonna wear.. one less thing to focus on this morning..

..there are three people on the interview panel, one Indigenous Child Safety Officer, the team leader of the Out of Home Care team (my possbile new boss) and a person from a foster care agency that the dept has a working partnership with.. of course, they'll all be looking to see that i'm a person they would want to work with.. oh the pressure .. !!

..wish me luck peoples.. this is the morning of the job interview.. 10.30



Sain said...

we do wish you luck,just try to be relaxed,be yourself,the three on the panel,will know they have the best for the position, once they meet you.
Love from Dad and Mum. x x

Annie said...

Go get 'em Mace! You'll be brilliant.
(wish there were more details about what you decided to wear but hey that's just me!!)

love Annie

Mace said...

..hey annie.. no idea how to talk about the clothes.. one bit green one bit black.. new.. black shoes.. u see, it doesnt work :)

..rasta took me shopping.. they are ruley comfortable.. mace