Saturday, November 25, 2006

you're gonna be ruley ruley pissed..

..if ya haven't been off doing something truly inspiring.. ..but dont feel bad if ya haven't .. i have pics !! ..thats right, i've been a tourist in my own life so i could share it with you :)

this is yoga, tai chi.. meditation.. with buddhist and kundalini principles as well.. you gotta come away feeling revitalised..

..i throw in some pics of my beach with cricket germs sprawled all over it.. !! actually the big screen was pretty amazing.. they were playing surf music and the waves were rollin' ..but can you imagine.. add several hundred ppl.. prolly thousands .. replace the waves with cricket and you've lost me.. ..its all a lil bit trashy.. lots of green and gold adveritsements and a sorta Miloland of Cricket... !! we did something ruley kewl and hippyish.. we went to West End markets.. there were buskers all about.. organic home grown food.. blissful loaves of bread.. and every hippy in Brisbane (or wonna be) was there.. we have to get one of those granny trolleys with the wheels.. everyone has em !! to sleep for the partay tonight.. i hope you have a big part in your local performance of 'Saturday'.. Mace

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