Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas message.. from Mace and Rasta..

This Xmas, more than any other, alot of the people we like to share our fun and family times with are not close at hand..

..some of you are in Newcastle and thereabouts.. Nat and Michelle, Ness and Suzie, Stephen, Trish, Pardy, Emma, Linda and Vicki..

..some in Berri, SA.. Gwenda and Ron (mum and dad)

..Marja, in Tasmania

..others scattered throughout OZ.. Elaine, Jacky, SJ, Terri

..some in Sydney.. Hayden, Prue, Even..

..Ghislaine in Canada.. ..Jude in the States..

..and also the new Brisbane mates.. Sue, Annie and Carol, Deb, Di and Mandy, Jacy..

..we just wanted to say merry christmas.. what ever that means for you..

..for us this year, it means a handful of dayz off work for Rasta.. a lobster and prawn lunch at home, hopefully followed by lots of chrissy movie watching.. ..we have a few near christmas invites to party and Hayden is lobbing on the 27th for some veranda sitting and maybe fireworks at South Bank on New Years Eve??.. ..we'll be meeting up with Even at Woodford Folk Fest real soon.. ..and the veranda will be put to good use this saturday, with the Brisbane crew showin' up to rehease bein' badly behaved at chrissy!!.. ..but christmas day will be a homey for us.. lookin' forward to it..

..hoping you enjoy yours and help yourself to a good dose of christmas cheer..

Mace and Rasta..
(sheryl and Merran)

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pussy_in_boots said...

Hey Mace and Rasta,

Wishing you both a very big "Ba Hum Bug" and a lovely xmas day.

Puss & T