Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Congratulations Leni !!

our good friend Leni found out yesterday, on christmas day.. that she is expecting a baby.. due at the end of August/early September...

Congrats Leni.. we are so thrilled at your news..

..your precious little one will be a Vrigo...

The Virgo ChildAugust 23 - September 22
Symbol - VirginRuling Planet - MercuryBirthstone - SapphireColor - Violet

The Virgo Personality
If your child is born in Virgo, s/he is cautious, discreet, and not only contemplative but industrious. Virgos will enjoy the things money can buy and will gladly work for them. The Virgo child is self assured but not easily content with the commonplace. S/he will learn quickly but may worry at times. Virgos will be sensitive to their surroundings and have a thirst for knowledge. They will be very careful of details and can view things with a critical eye. The Virgo child is methodical and spends little time speculating on the unknown.
The Virgo child can absorb and learn anything he or she is determined to learn. Virgos want facts; in business they work for greater improvements, sometimes unobserved and unappreciated. These individuals are greatly affected by marriage and expect purity and constancy in mates.
Virgo children are persevering and ingenious as well as very intelligent, but rarely control their own lives or make changes unaided. They make money and spend it for pleasure and education instead of on material things.
Virgo can succeed in life as an agent or intermediary for a large company, or can be a trusted executive assistant for a public or political figure. He or she excels in general commercial ventures, imports and exports, and matters connected with the earth and its products. Virgo persons generally rise in life through their own merits.
Writing, bookkeeping, record keeping, research, and the instruction of others lure this person.

the Virgo Child :

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