Thursday, December 28, 2006

he moves me to poetry..

..i'm wearing my motherly contented smile this moring.. my boy is coming to stay.. Hayden is 27 and an experienced veranda sitter.. i've taught him well.. he has sat on every veranda i have ever had.. and there's been a few.. :) ..tonight.. maybe even this arvo.. we'll sit with a glass of wiine .. just quietly, no need to rush or disturb the quiet energy.. and we'll talk about the months since we last sat in this way.. we'll look to the future, his trip to Germany.. my job prospects in the coming weeks.. ..he knows me well and i know him.. its the history we share that runs so deep.. the knowledge that i will always be in his life and he in mine.. ..its knowing that he admires and approves of me.. and i of him .. that makes our veranda sitting such a sacred ceremony.. something to draw strength from and to take sanctuary in.. my son.. a wild boy with dreads or just willful trusses.. a smokin' drinkin' kinda guy who jumps up and says yes!! every ride that life offers.. ..a clarvouant friend once said of hayden and I, that we have been together in many past lives and have walked together often.. feels just like that .. when we are together.. magic..


Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic photo of Hayden! Send him my love and greetings. It sounds like you have a very special connection. I remember a quietness between you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mace,

I haven't actually checked this site out yet but a very funky frind of mine who lives up there led me to it. Let me know what it's like.