Friday, December 15, 2006

pics of the kids... Mel and Tam

thought i'd just throw these in here for safe keeping.. how nice!!

Rasta is away in sydney for the day and i'm tryin' not to think about the 2 job interviews i've just done.. and what the outcomes might be.. and not doin' very well..

..i wish i could just sleep till the phone rings.. but unfortunately i have to go out and do a day.. Mace

link to
Mel and Tam's baby story

Daily Horoscopes:


Mentally, you're clear and quick - you could use logic, or a trick. A visit or a phone call chat may show if you'll do this - or that. Now you might be able to speak your mind more openly and frankly - and tell the truth. You may seem to need a hug today, or may be seen as someone who'd give one. Today you might enjoy the pleasure of company at home or while dining out.

another horoscope for Libra :

Nothing but the best is good enough for you, but what you may not realize is that what someone's offering you is their best. Be kind and perceptive, or your high standards may transform into sheer snobbishness in this person's eyes (i like this one.. and i WOULD take either job.. i wont be picky!!)

..who would read these things.. desperate ppl it seems... fingers crossed bunny rabbits..!!

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