Thursday, January 18, 2007

Life on the edge..!!

..what edge??
..the happy edge,
the curvy, swurvy
..well my job has trauma.. (aka my previous post).. ..but it also has soulful bits and goodly challenging bits.. it also comes with a build in sense of achievement.. sometimes that comes from just makin' it from one end of the day to the other and sometimes it comes from knowing YOU actually made a difference - had a positive impact - on someone elses day/sitch/life..

..i also love how Rasta has taken up some of my home chores.. and she is feedin' me so well :) (hence the need to continue my early morning walk) :) the moment, its possible for her to work from home a bit.. kewl.. (she lets the dogs out during the day).. ..makes my lunch.. no.. being looked after by da fairy is not the best part of working.. really.. ..its the candy..

chug along blog readers.. off to work we go.. Mace

ohoh.. i forgot to say.. i have huge shopping warehouses close to work.. (my co workers tell me that once our local clients know me, it wont be safe/pleasant to wander the streets around our office).. but till then, i can grab a shopping moment or two.. and yesterday i bought a lil waterfall for my desk.. yep, the water trickles and bubbles over faux rock.. its beautiful.. and almost transports me to another place.. sitting on a rock ledge somewhere out of sight.. almost..

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