Saturday, January 06, 2007

my group is sprouting legs..

..yeh.. my group is sprouting legs.. and getting press exposure.. that makes me happy.. ..monique at City lickers (lesbian community e-newsletter for Brisbane), ran a lil story on the group..

Lesbian Parents Australia

Below is the addy of our Yahoo e-group.. its a National group but Brisbane based. Its a very active group with around 300 messages per month..
..the focus of the group is lesbian parenting, in all its shades and dimensions..
A group for women to celebrate and share their lesbian parenting experiences.
Practical: sperm donors, IVF, self insemination, what works and what doesnt.
The lesbian experience of family, how do we parent, donor/father issues, 2Mums/co-parents, images of parenting and family.
A place to share stories and photos ..
A feel good, friendly place for lesbian parents and their kids..
many thanks.. Mace

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