Thursday, January 11, 2007

..what were they thinking..

sometimes.. work just follows you home...
Taragen.. Keita and Kytina.. what special names.. can you imagine a plan for their future.. do they sound like names that loving parents would bestow on their littles ones.. i would of thought so.. but these little girls have been the subject of gendered family violence and their parents failed to protect Taragen, Keita and Kytina against predatory older brothers.. a society.. we dont even give public voice to such gendered violence.. its a sad sad occurence and entrenched in the society in which we live..
i've changed the girls names to maintain their privacy .. but they are not alone.. there are many many sisters who suffer gendered violence in the very place they are supposed to be safe.. the family..
this is the first week of my new job.. ..i am so pleased for the opportunity to stand up for these little ones.. and all the others to come..

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