Friday, February 23, 2007

Not new anymore..

..Rasta and I have had lots of new beginnings in the 5 months since we moved states and moved house.. but 5 months in Brisbane makes us not so new anymore..

..uni starts again next week.. as it worked out.. i am only doing one subject this semester but hoping to have done 4 or 5 by the end of the year.. (with intensives and summer school thrown in).. Civil Procedure - its a compolsary component of my law degree.. and its all about the procedual practice of the courts.. i've started reading for it and its not too bad - i began reading my lil summary nutshell book while i was waiting to go into the Children's Tribunal (similar to a court) yesterday.. so the subject has a real relevance in my life at the mo.. that has to help - when study and work compliament each other..

..and speaking of work - i've been at Child Safety for 2 months now.. whoosh.. that time has flown.. its my new obsession folks.. lovin' it alot.. My involvement with the Tribunal yesterday meant that i was working directly with the manager of our area (the biggest boss we ever get to physically see.. there are other ppl with more authority but they really have mythical status.. cos you never get to actually see them, they exist only in the minds of those that believe - and the occasional blanket directive via email) working with my manager yesterday.. was a definite plus for my career prospects at Child Safety.. and i am continuing to do work that she will personally supervise as a result of the Tribunal finding yesterday.. very intense, very exciting.. !!

Rasta is doing well also.. as well as being a fulltime research in the Socio-legal Research Centre at Griffith.. she is lecturing and tutoring for the Law School.. and her PhD is underway.. she hopes that when her 18 month research contract expires (18 months in total), she will be offered a lecturing position.. and it seems more and more likely, as they are already offering her some of this work.. yeh..

..and on the baby front.. Nat, our lucsious and most divine surrogate is all reved up for inseminations in April and in May.. its good to be back in the game, with so many women we know.. trying and succeeding in the pregnancy stakes.. roll on April.. we cant wait..

..well that's an update - short and sweet - oh and i had a phone call from Scotland yesterday morning.. my boy is happy and well and roaming around the world.. at the moment, staying with friends in Edinborough.. and off to Germany in a couple of weeks.. he has a blessed life and i'm so happy for that.. is good.. Mace
..visiting with my girl in Sydney.. last week end..