Thursday, March 15, 2007

UQ .. my new uni..

..i had a fabo experience at uni last night.. (gotta be some payoff for studying at night right??) was my first time attending this tut.. i parked where Rasta and i had practiced .. no probs getting a park (nice change).. and the location was close to the shopping mall area of UQ.. a cool breeze.. kewl student vibe (even a coupla holding-hands-lesbians strolled passed).. and a public phone to phone home on.. nice.. i even got to snooze a bit in the car while i waited for 7 o'clock to come round..

..but the good bit was the tutor.. have you ever heard ppl talk (usually older lecturers/tutors) about how university used to be.. not a degree factory but a place of higher learning.. well i had that experience last night.. the tutor was about my age (pehaps old :) ..he explained that he was a barrister (a very experienced lawyer) and that he enjoyed tutoring.. its was his way of giving something back to the university and new lawyers.. and a sort of hobby..

..i felt very privileged to be taught by such a learned practitioner.. he took his fog watch from his vest pocket and began to talk about the history of the law courts in Oz.. and there were only about 7 of us in the room.. magic..

..after the lecture.. when he and i were packing up.. we chatted a bit.. he asked about my work.. i love that sense of connection that you sometimes get with another person.. i am looking forward to these classes now.. (i dont mind at all that they are at 7pm .. well not much anyway.. :)

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