Saturday, April 28, 2007

its a very big sadness..

its a very big sadness when a child is crying with no tears..
Its a very big sadness when that goes on for years..
Years in care. it makes you wonder why we call it care..
It goes on for years.. and its a very big sadness..
when those invisible tears turn to silent screams....
Ice blue eyes that dont hide the very big sadness..
they are windows to the crying....
if only there was a way to undo the sadness you claim as yours..
if only each child in care received care and not sadness..
.is what we have saved you from worse that the place you now live..
..its a very big sadness little child..
that childhood for you holds no joy.. in innocense.. no magic.. doesnt seem fair..
i can feel your pain.. but i doubt i will ever be able to reach you..
..a very big sadness for a very young life..
if i said sorry little would change..
there are no words that will easy this pain..
8 years old.. the reality is too stark..
i wish i could say sorry for what you have endured..
i wish i could say sorry and have you know i mean it..
if only sorry could fix the pain of eight short years..
..i will give you my friendship..
and hope the healing will begin..

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