Saturday, April 28, 2007

..Police Park

..where i work..
in the middle western suburbs..
an area with poor housing, most of it public housing and a large cultural mix including Sudanese refugees and a significant Aborignal population, there is a park called Police Park, by the locals and service providers like myself..
..At the centre of this suburb there is a hub around the railway station..
there are some shops.. but not the kind you travel far to visit..
some take aways.. a tattoo shop.. Macca's and Hungry Jacks..
the main focus of this centre is the service providers ..
the govt agencies that this community relies on each day..
... and my office is here..
Police Park is across the road and down a block.. next to Macca's..
and its where parents who have kids in the child protection system are often given supervised contact with their children..
these are the parents of Police Park..
the ones who care enough to want contact..
but often arent able to provide the care and protection their children need.. t
hat can happen because of life choices.. like drugs and alcohol...
and because of their own deprived background..
..and poor mental health is often a big factor..
the parents who love but cant care enough or appropriately.. its sad..
and not talked about alot..
..i see and talk with these parents every day..

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