Saturday, April 28, 2007

some thoughts from my day...

.. i took a little girl to a new foster home..

a home i found for her..
this is the first time i've actually done this part of my job because the team i work in mainly deals with children already in care..

this litle girl however, (an 8 year old) told me she wasnt happy living with the foster family she had - i listened to her reasons and i agreed that she needed to move..

..its a sad fact that a home can be a very fragile thing for a foster child..

today, she was all keen after an initial visit yesterday, to see her new 'sister', another child in the placement, and bragged to the children she was leaving behind in the last foster house, that she had apool in her new house.. is that transportable.. or is it?? the car, as we drove to the new foster house and i gently asked how she was feeling (she had spend 5 years in the home she had just said good bye to)..

her reply was to get out her colouring book and to talk about the new colour pens she had.. she coped by not engaging with her feelings.. an all too common side effect of trauma..

..i hope this home is one she can grow up in until she is 18.. i wonder..

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