Saturday, April 28, 2007 the parents of Police Park..

If i could sit with you..

and you could hear me...

you would be amazed..

..if you could see what i hold in my heart for you..

and others like you..

its not contempt at all..

its a long way from that..

i admire you and i despair for you..

i acknowledge your love and know you are trying your hardest..

life has not equipped you with the skills and resources to do a better job...

..its your puzzlement and striving...

..its the fact that you have no idea what is required or why...

yet you stay and you struggle with foriegn standards and rules.. its the love..

the unyielding love..

that shows in the hugs and the tears that you give freely

..if i could only sit quitely with you..

..if only there were words to bridge you and i..

..but i know there's not..

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