Saturday, May 19, 2007

My walk to CIty Gardens this morning.. i want to share it with you..

across goodwill bridge..
through the uni grounds..

passed the bush turkey..

once around the tree..

along the path..

..through the gates..

..taking note of local landmarks

..bypass the cafe..

stop at the waterfall..

be stunned by graceful birds..

get even closer to graceful birds..

marvel at ducks in a water spout..

marvel some more..

..take a left passed the ornate gardens loos..

lovin' those old growth trees..

..there's a boat theme to kids corner..

..sit here..

..or here..

..or here..

..take in the bobbing boats..
..and some more..

..oh, and some more..

and a tinny!! ..magic..

one lone tree in the water..

..lotsa water.. lotsa boats..

this is the walking path.. right on the edge..

getting close to the mangroves.. da de.. ahhh.. walking walking..

..and now the mangrove walk.. and home across the goodwill bridge again.. back through SouthBank... to the car.. to the bakery... and home for brunch... yeh..


Becky said...

I enjoyed this alot! I really loved the shots you got of the graceful bird and the ones of the ducks in the water spout! Amazing pictures! A beautiful place to walk!
momto4kidsny from maya's mom.

momslifesavers said...

These pictures are amazing...what a beautiful part of the world!
My daughters would love the playground!:)
I personally would enjoy the mangrove walk...many thanks for sharing :)
Ginko on MM

Rachel said...

I love the pictures of the egrets. Gorgeous!