Monday, July 16, 2007

name it.. !!

Must be 5 weeks now.. Prue is still in hospital.. but the general psych ward.. the trauma for me has gone off the boil.. i'm not sure why.. possibly because you just cant go 'round filling that traumatised for too long..

..the plan, talking with Prue, is that she will gradually transition from the hospital by staying one night at a time at her place.. and then return to the hospital during the day.. she has good support in Sydney.. i hope the transition works well..

..there is a general idea that if Prue is up to it.. she can come visit us in a few weeks time.. we will see..

on another note.. i have been thinking of words.. how we claim them and reject them..

Prue has asked me to not refer to her as being 'sick/unwell'... Kat has said.. that 'recovery' has implications that cant be ascribed to ppl who have a mental illness.. that the illness is always present.. and that recovery doesnt really apply...

..maybe that is why it is so important for Prue to not be labelled as 'sick' ..maybe it is part of the same chain of thought.. with no 'sickness' there is also no 'recovery' required..

..Peter, on the other hand.. was the untitled author of my previous post (Act 2, Scene 2) .. i wrote it as a play script because it seemed unreal.. Peter needs to be proactive in Prue's unwellness.. a typical modernist, black and white thinker.. Prue is 'sick/unwell' and a plan of action to initiate and insight' recovery', is what is required..

..then, Prue will be 'well'.. and not 'sick'.. and 'recovered'.. my usual post modernist manner.. deconstructionist through and through.. i reackon we all live with mental health issues.. and for alot of us.. we are most often well.. recovery required..

..but its probably fair to assume that most of us also walk close enough to unwellness to have some insight into how that might feel.. ..depression.. ..anxiety.. ..phobias..

..for Prue.. it is closer to the surface than it is for most ppl.. and it is deep too..

..i do think that 'unwell' a word that describes Prue from time to time.. but i understand why she doesnt want to claim it..

..i agree with Kat when she says that 'recovery' doesnt apply to mental health.. to Prue.. but i also understand why Peter wants to find it..

..if mental health is a continuum, then wellness and unwellness sit variously at either end.. recovery can then apply to regaining a favoured postion on that continuum..

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