Monday, September 03, 2007

a poem for Dad..

Where do you find the faith… ??

what life experiences can you draw on.. to help you see your way..’ve walked down many paths..

..the path of a child in the Depression years..

..the path of a young lad in war times..

..the path of a young husband.. a country town..

..the path of a father..

..the family man who moved to the city in the 60’s..

..the father of teenagers.. and of grown children now.. have walked a long way.. on a path with treasures..

..a loving grandfather.. and great grandfather..

..i am sure you will find everything you need as you continue on your path.. just need to draw on the wisdom you have grown over time..

..the calmness that comes from knowing the seasons well..

..the patience that comes from a lifetime of learning to wait..

..the peace of mind earned by a job well done..

.. i am sure you will find all the faith you need.. as you continue on your path..

..i am walking with you..