Sunday, November 25, 2007

I got a gift today..

..i got a gift today.. when i attended an 8 year olds party.. first of all GO HERE to read about my party invitation.. i attended the party.. a good half hour drive from home, on a sunday.. but i wanted to attend..

..i knew what to buy this child.. she likes dress ups and girls gear.. so Rasta and i bought a bag full of stickers and rubbers.. pens and fancy paper.. some hair things.. and a lil key tag that said 'J', so she knew it was especially for her..

..when i arrived, her 2 sisters were already there.. as well as one school friend and a neighbourhood child.. there were present wrappings everywhere.. and i knew she was high.. on the delicious energy that comes with being eight.. and having a day where its allowed to be 'all about me'.. my present merged in with all the others.. but that was fine..

..soon, all the party guests were invited downstairs.. to a room prepared with streamers and balloons..

..there were lots of adults at this party.. and i wondered who they were.. and then i got an introduction to the male carers dad.. older man, full of small talk and good humour.. he just chatted away and i nodded and smiled.. then he said...'so my son is adopted - did you know", I said 'no' ..

..he then told the story of how he and his wife had first adopted 2 baby girls and that was all that was allowed.. the limit was two... but then, his story continued.. we wanted another, so our son came to us when he was 7 years old, because there were always plenty of older children available for adoption back then.. was then that i realised.. why, in this family, this little foster girl, could be a princess.. in this family, kids are not home grown.. ..they are used to kids wondering in and finding a place to belong.. ..and she was 7 also, when she first arrived.. ..there were lots of adults at the party.. aunties and cousins.. all eager to celebrate 'J's' birthday.. like family does..

..if i didnt know better.. i would think that the goddess chose this speical home for 'J' .. a place to grow up in, as a princess.. a place to grow a bunch of happy memories to keep.. if the goddess chose this family alone, to see 'J's" specialness and sweet ways.. gift.. to understand why this family has embraced a difficult to place child.. as if she is a treasure... was worth the drive..


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KentuckyGal said...

That just makes me feel warm and cozy all over!