Saturday, November 24, 2007

..on the road.. know how, sometimes some event happens and then everything changes.. a major event or change of circumstances in your life.. and then you can never go back.. you turn around, and the past is already filed away.. no longer real but a memory in your mind..

..there have been several moments in my life when just such a thing has occurred.. often it has involved a change of relationship or a shift to a new location.. this time, its involved a new location and a new job..

..i am getting better at predicting these shifts in time and place.. but sometimes it happens and i still get a surprise.. ..this time, when Rasta and I moved to Brisbane.. it happened suddenly.. without forethought or planning.. ..i got the sense we were leaving more than a city and our house.. we were leaving a moment in time.. forever... ..although i knew it.. i was unable to prevent it from occurring.. and so we slipped into the next frame of our lives..

..and i couldnt be happier with what the goddess has given us this time..

..a sustaining and sustainable relationship.. with a clever and challenging partner.. (thank you goddess for knowing me so well :)

..a job that is so much more.. there are no seams between what i do for my job and how i spend the rest of my time.. ..i am friends with my work colleagues.. i bring my work home.. ..i dont do it for the money it provides.. rewards are so much greater than that.. ..the money makes it possible to do the job i find so compelling and rewarding.. alive city .. and living at the heart.. ..and all the future prospects.. yet to unfold.. life feels alive with promise and i think it would be hard to stop from jumping out of my skin with excitement.. if i werent so damned content..

thank you goddess.. Mace..

foot note : i think it is ironic that i wrote about great changes in life.. those dayz when a shift occurs and you're transported to another time .. and when you turn around, the place you were before, is no longer there.. its already vanished into history.. recorded on a page but no longer able to be relived.. ..good bye Mr Howard.. i turned around.. and you were no longer there.. how lucky for Oz.. !!

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