Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanks Giving..

  • for my good health (despite recently having broken a bone in my foot)

  • for my job .. that really does seem more managable, almost one year into it !!

  • for my partner and lover.. both the sweet essence and the spice of my life..

  • for my children.. ppl i've known and loved and watched over for all of their lives.. and I will continue to for the rest of mine..

  • for my parents.. who taught me how to love unconditionally.. they know no other way to be..

  • for my life path.. so rich and varied.. and full of promise..

  • for opportunity.. to love... to study to learn from each day..

  • for the ability to see promise in whatever the goddess serves up..

  • the prize - is in the realisation of the value of the gift.. the gift of life.. lucky am i... Mace

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