Thursday, January 01, 2009

my dad..

ducks of my life..

10 blessings for 2009

..On the very first day of a new year.. its a perfect time to look ahead, in anticipation of all the blessings the new year holds...

10 blessings for the year ahead..

i hope ..
- to be open to and to facilitate, more fulfilling connections with the ppl i meet..

- for long, luxurious converstions, full of insights and affirmations

- to give and receive love on a daily basis, evidenced and inspired by the actions of those ppl with whom i connect..

- to daily indulge in self nurturing practices such as drumming, walking near water, meditating and chanting..

- to continue to honour the uniqueness of my journey.. by being brave enough to turn the pages in my own time and in my own way..

- to honour the uniqueness of other ppl's journey's by assuming nothing and listening intently to each person who trusts me enough to share their truths and desires ..

- to be open to witnessing the beauty of the earth and to acknowledging the miracles that occur all around me..

- to always attempt to give, as much as i receive..

- to embrace this gift of a year with excitement and all the wisdom i have gathered so far..

- to be thankful for each day..


another goodbye

..Phoebe left me on 2 December 2008, to be with Mintie and Clarke.. after briefly meeting my new little puppy, Malibu..

..for one day.. they both sat under my study chair, sharing time with me.. Phoebe was too sick to pay much attention but she did wag her tail once, in acknowledgement of the presence of the new puppy..

Phoebe was tired, at the end of a long happy life.. for me, there was a sadness at her leaving.. but some how a peacefullness also.. it was her time for goodbye..

..i decided that day.. that Malibu should be called Febe.. in honour of the first dog who stole my heart..
Phoebe is now my little spirit in the sky.. ..and Febe reminds me daily of the dog that came before her.. every time i call her name..